Walking Stick

Another great oneshot, this time by Nakano Shizuka. I would love — no really, love — to do one of her longer surreal works. Need an interested editor. Huggles to EnKi for doing this one <3

Walking Stick (ななふし)
by Nakano Shizuka (中野シズカ)
Genre: strange > seinen > slice of life, mystery
Summary: A new house proves to be not entirely unoccupied.
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  1. Xi Jie says:

    Wow, Nakano Shizuka! I read Shisei and absolutely loved it, it was a mesmerizing experience. So I got really excited when I thought I had recognized her artstyle in the preview, then felt so happy when I saw this oneshot is indeed from her. And it didn’t disappoint, she’s a master in the art of combining spookiness and slice of life. Thank you for translating it! I hope you find an editor for more of her works.

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