Lovely Strange Dark

Our goal is to scanlate obscure works, mainly josei, shoujo, and seinen, which are lovely, strange, or dark. Or all three. At their best, lovely works are introspective, refreshing, and uplifting. Strange works tell tales you never knew you wanted to read, and sometimes aren’t sure what to make of afterwards. Dark works delve into the tragic and psychological, creating poignant tales of loss and trials overcome. Often, these characteristics overlap to produce unique uplifting works, or lovely stories colored with tragedy. Whether to evoke emotion or expand the mind, add a little LSD to your life.

This is a very small fan-based scanlation group. We make no profit and do not work on any titles licensed for English distribution. We’re simply scanlating a few titles to expand readers’ definitions of what manga can be. Feel free to contact Kalendel, for any reason, at [email protected].


1) Can I upload your releases to online reading sites, etc? Yes, we have no restrictions. All we ask is that you do not alter the contents of the releases, and do not remove our credits page. Of course, if a title we did later gets licensed, please cease distribution.

2) Can I retranslate your release into another language? Yes. However, if the title is already licensed for distribution in your language, please respect that and do not create a scanlation. No need to email us for permission!

3) Can I suggest/request a manga? You’re welcome to make suggestions! I have a short list of things I’d like to do, and I’m rather picky, but maybe I’ll fall in love with whatever you suggest. That said, I am only doing 1-2 projects at a time, so it’s extremely unlikely that I’d start your suggestion soon even if I do like it.

4) Do you need help? At the moment I’m trying to keep the group very small, with just me translating. If you’re interested in helping to edit (clean, RD, and/or TS) a future project, toss me an email or find me on Discord!