Growing Up

Today we have the conclusion of Gully. Story seven is a doozy, nicely abstract and very bizarre. Story eight helps explain it all. We hope you guys liked this little collection of unique stories,...


The Cat Witch

One last bit of magic 🙂 This one brought to you by blob and Minn. Did I mention it’s full of cats? The Cat Witch (猫の魔女) by Oomiya Haruka (大宮ハルカ) Genre: lovely > josei > supernatural...


Ghost Speaker

A ghost-themed oneshot that’s on the light and humorous side 🙂 Huggles to Chane, samara, and Ximena for bringing it to us, and hopefully everyone will enjoy a bit of levity this weekend! Ghost...


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! As this is the one holiday I feel actually fits LSD, we try to do something special for it. Today we’re kicking off three different manga that fit the season. First...


Gestation of Kalavinka

Happy Halloween, folks! yanbang reminded me, with plenty of time, that we like to do a big release, so we planned and planned. Oh, the plans. So many things. …Then Genshin Impact happened, and...



A rather seasonal story this week in Gully 🙂 I Don’t Really Know Gully c06 [DL] [Read]



Just another short slice of life chapter today, this one an interesting take on boredom. I Don’t Really Know Gully c05 [DL] [Read]


Dummies 101

OK! Another tiny Gully chapter, and the end of Neko Mix v12. Volume 13 actually just came out in Japan. We’re working on it, but it’ll be a while 🙂 Also: half the staff...


The Perch of Dreams

I missed the release yesterday! Whoops. Having a bit of a relationship with an RPG at the moment =D Anyway, here’s a oneshot for now 🙂 Lovely character growth slice of life. Huggles to...


The Pool That Night

Our next oneshot! I jumped on this because of the depiction of the main character’s phobia (I love me some nice imagery), and then it turned out to have an aromantic theme (…vanishingly rare)....