The Children of the Mountain

We have a lovely, wholesome oneshot for you today! Another one by Ume Sato 🙂 This is Minn’s first translation with us (thank you!), and yanbang knocked out the editing. We hope you like!...



A nice chunk of releases for you today! Something for everyone? We’re finishing off Boys & Girls, one more Nemu Youko work completed. Huggles again to Jel and shielshi for doing it! Hope you...


Creation of the World Garden

A fun new find — the author Nikkuni Minami. She’s done a few short quirky things, so naturally, here we go! Thanks to BotanyRobot for telling us about her, and huggles to CanINot for...


Hello, Goodbye

We once again have a stack of oneshots ready to release 🙂 So! Expect some goodies. This one is brought to us by blob, our new editor. A nice character growth drama. Enjoy! Hello,...



Today we’re starting a short work by the artist Nakada Ikumi. Short, wholesome slice of life oneshots. Huggles to shielshi for editing, and we hope you enjoy. I Don’t Really Know Gully c01 [DL]...


Laika in Space

Our next oneshot is on the serious side. Huggles to Chane and shielshi for bringing it to us! We’re also working on this author’s series, Ichinichi Sanshoku Zettai Tabetai. Laika in Space (宇宙のライカ) by Kunoda...


Full Circle

Today we have two cute shorts and the finale of My Mother. We hope you liked this little story about family dysfunction. Thanks again to kure and yanbang for bringing it to us! My...


For Life

Today we have a super quirky Boys & Girls chapter for you, and we’re nearing the end of My Mother. Enjoy! My Mother and Older Sister c07 [DL] [Read] Boys & Girls c04 [DL]...


Future Plans

Just some good old-fashioned sibling dynamics for today 🙂 My Mother and Older Sister c06 [DL] [Read]


The Name of the Cat is Matasaburou

Another oneshot for everyone! This is a rather atypical slice of life about cats and demons by the indie author Hataya. A quirky little read. Hugs to BotanyRobot for editing! Enjoy~ The Name of...