Nakano Shizuka


See the Forest

“See the Forest” Morimite (モリミテ) by NAKANO Shizuka (中野シズカ) 1 volume series Genre: lovely strange dark > seinen > supernatural mystery Summary: Kazushi and Luc get lost in a dense forest on their way back...


Walking Stick

Another great oneshot, this time by Nakano Shizuka. I would love — no really, love — to do one of her longer surreal works. Need an interested editor. Huggles to EnKi for doing this...


Two Guys in a Garden

“Two Guys in a Garden” Niwa ni wa Ninin (にわにはににん) by Nakano Shizuka (中野シズカ) 1-volume collection of oneshots Genre: lovely strange > seinen > psychological fantasy drama mystery Summary: A collection of surreal oneshots with...