Light & Specs

Today we have quirky short brought to us by Chane and shielshi. Enjoy! Lights & Specs by moya Genre: strange > seinen > sci-fi slice-of-life Summary: A detective and their partner should be a...


What You Can Do

We’re wrapping this little manga up today 🙂 It’s a fun one, surprisingly deep for all its humor. Huggles again to Mon for bringing it to us and Ximena and shielshi for editing. Hope...


My 35th Birthday

Today we have a slightly strange (psychological) romance with a fair amount of humor. Huggles to Minn and blob for this one 🙂 My 35th Birthday (35の日) by SHIROMIZU Koyomi (白水こよみ) Genre: lovely strange...


The Road Not Taken

Today we have the last story in this little collection, one that’s both haunting and beautiful. I hope everyone enjoyed these stories. I just love the imagery! Huggles to Minn and shielshi for bringing...



Two chapters today! A long-delayed Kishibe chapter with another lovely standalone plot, and the second to last chapter of Right Beside You. Enjoy! Kishibe no Uta v03 c08 [DL] [Read] Right Beside You c04...


Northern Lights

Today we have the final chapter of this 3-chapter story. The scenery and ambiance are just beautiful. There’s one more little story in this manga before we wrap it up! The Diver and the...


Death of the Wallflower

Another oneshot from shielshi and Chane 🙂 This one’s a bit darker… enjoy! Death of the Wallflower (ウォールフラワーの死神) by Artita (アルティータ) Genre: lovely strange dark > shounen > supernatural romance Summary: On the day...


The Way Home

A sweet slice of life oneshot for your enjoyment. Huggles to shielshi and Chane! The Way Home (かえりみち) by MIYANO Mito (宮乃ミト) Genre: lovely > shounen > slice of life Summary: A Latina girl...



Been a while, eh? I wound up getting my appendix removed out of the blue (you know, like you do). Slowed down our already rather lethargic schedule, ahaha. Just some Rosalind for you today,...


Mother’s Day

More sweet Rosalind for everyone 🙂 Saint Rosalind c08 [DL] (joint Sunny Day Scans)