Recruiting editors! (again)

We currently have more translators than editors, meaning the only thing standing in the way of new projects is a lack of editors. We’re recruiting editors to work on all the genres we do, so feel free to apply if you’re interested in working on any of the below:

1) Josei/seinen with feels (often supernatural)
2) Sweet (or cute and bizarre) shoujo/josei
3) Classic/vintage sci-fi or whimsical/surreal manga (all genres)
4) Weird/dark seinen/josei

Happy to take full editors, or those specializing in pre-cleaning, redrawing, or typesetting. If you have experience, email me at [email protected] or DM Kalendel#3327 on discord.

Newbies: check out our tutorial/test. It’ll show you the basics, and I can train you the rest of the way if you make a good effort.

Thanks for reading!

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