The Girl in a Faint

“The Girl in a Faint”
Kontou Shoujo
by ANDOU Yuki (安藤ゆき)
1 volume collection of oneshots

Genre: lovely > shoujo > drama, slice of life, romantic oneshots

Summary: A collection of oneshots. Story 2, “The Girl in a Faint”: Imagine waking up in the arms of your classmate—and a boy at that. Story 3, “I’m Full of…”: Ever have a day so bad, you feel like robbing a bank? Story 4, “Come On, Light My Fire”: Six years ago, Kaho fell in love with a boy who came to school in pajamas. Story 5, ”Party”: Is it suicide if it looks like an accident?

Get it: Pending release.

Support It: Purchase the original Japanese book or ebook.

Story 1, “Hot Ice Tune”: released by Delish Scans
Story 2, “The Girl in a Faint”: QC
Story 3, “I’m Full of…”: QC
Story 4, “Come on, Light My Fire”: QC
Story 5, “Party”: QC

Story 2 Sample: Pending release.

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