Support It

If you enjoy any of the titles we scanlate here, and have a little extra cash to support the artists, you can quite easily purchase a Japanese ebook of most titles, or order a physical copy to be delivered to you. Ebooks are quite cheap (generally $5-8 USD), while shipping costs make importing books rather expensive (generally over $15). Below is some information on the two options I recommend for those who don’t speak Japanese.

What will you need? Just your credit card or paypal account, plus the manga title written in Japanese characters (copy/paste from our project page). Feel free to post if you have any questions. I use both these sites to purchase manga for myself.

Purchasing Ebooks: EbookJapan
EbookJapan is a large, well-established ebook site that essentially offers every manga ebook that exists. They have their own computer and mobile apps, which are free to install — but your purchases can only be viewed on their apps. Please note that the site is only in Japanese, but you can use your browser to translate it (translations for check-out are fairly straight-forward). You will need to create an account, and you can preview manga before you buy them in your browser. This is a safe, legal site, and all purchases will support the Japanese artist and publisher.

Purchasing Books: has an English interface that makes purchasing things a breeze. You will still need to search for your manga in Japanese characters, but beyond that it’s easy to follow the instructions. They ship directly to most countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Their international shipping is quite pricey, but it’s fast and reliable. (Note that also offers ebooks, but they restrict sales to those inside Japan based on IP address.)