Boys & Girls

“Boys & Girls”
Shounen Shoujo
by Nemu Youko (ねむようこ)
1 volume collection of oneshots

Genre: lovely > josei > romance

Summary: A collection of sweet, romantic oneshots. Story 1, Boys & Girls: A girl visiting relatives has time to consider her relationship. Story 2, Diner All-Nighter: Aiko decides to pull an all-nighter at a diner in hopes of finishing her essay due the next morning. However, she gets a fortune that today she’ll have luck in finding love. Story 3, Borderline: One day, Maya trips down a staircase as she is walking her dog, Coco… and suddenly can interact with him like a human! Story 4, West Mammoth Prefectural High School: At West Mammoth, students can stay enrolled for as long as they like, even if it means being in their 72nd year of high school. Kamekichi gave a love letter to Tsuru back when they were in their early years of high school, and he still waits under that tree every year for her to come. Story 5, Treasure Room: Michiru is a hoarder, and her boyfriend Kazutoshi wants her to clean it up. She decides to comply and discovers something in the midst of her cleanup… Story 6, Selma Clad in Red: Selma buys herself a bold red coat secondhand, but a man stops her in the middle of the street claiming there is something in the coat that belongs to him…

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Story 1: released
Story 2: released
Story 3: released
Story 4: released
Story 5: released
Story 6: released
Manga complete!

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