Dem Fish

Today we have a rather trippy oneshot about a college student coming to terms with what he wants in life. Huggles to Jel and seris for bringing it to us!

Also, we’re still looking for editors and pre-cleaners, particularly for shoujo, but we’ll take fans of other genres as well. See this post for info!

Night at the Aquarium (夜の水族館)
by emone (えむわん)
Genre: strange > seinen > slice of life psychological
Summary: A young man takes a part-time job which leads him to question his life choices.
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  1. kukkiriri says:

    Does his name have the character for fish (魚) in it? Thanks for the oneshot!

  2. K. Godot says:


  3. cats says:

    Thank you very much for the oneshot!

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