Why not geckos?

…Well, Cpt. Mischief wanted shoujo, and so we have shoujo =D Gecko to Gekkou to Kekkon is a cute shoujo fantasy oneshot featuring cats geckos, a girl with a giant pot, and a guy with an allergy to sunlight — all in a tropical world where there is no night. The author is Kuroi Agasa; this is her first scanlated work, and you can check out her blog with lovely color images here.

Gecko to Gekkou to Kekkon [DL]
Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer v05 c39 [DL] <- Also, this <3

And since Cpt. Mischief is on a shoujo kick, we’ll also be doing Konbini Tenshi, a collection of shoujo oneshots (some slice of life, some romantic). The most shoujo thing on our potentials list, hehe. All cute and sweet things 🙂

Also, the series Hiru (Imai Daisuke) on our potentials project page has been started by another group. Make sure to check it out if that was one you were rooting for!

Gecko_to_Gekko_to_Kekkon_000Gecko to Gekkou to Kekkon (ゲッコーと月光と結婚)
by Kuroi Agasa (黒井あがさ)
Genre: lovely > shoujo > romantic fantasy
Summary: In a world without night, Hina winds up helping a strange man look for geckos in order to grant their wishes.
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4 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    As a shoujo fan, this post makes me really happy! Also, I’m sure I’ve seen the cover of Konbini Tenshi somewhere, but I have no idea where, especially since I’ve never heard about the mangaka before.

  2. cats says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. Dolly says:

    Thank you so much! After reading this I’m interested in seeing more of Kuroi Agasa’s work in the future.

    • Kalendel says:

      Glad you like!

      She does have one 2-vol series, about a half-witch who makes wedding dresses for brides and strives to grant their wishes, all while coming to terms with her human half. Not entirely romance focused, so it’s a possibility here at LSD. But like all shoujo, digital raws are no good, and we’d have to import it before we could even consider doing it… and I’m cheap =D Maybe I’ll nab it someday.

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