Konbini Tenshi

Konbini Tenshi (コンビニ天使)
by Fujimoto Yuuki (ふじもと ゆうき)
1 volume collection of oneshots

Genre: lovely > shoujo > fantasy, slice of life or romantic oneshots

Summary: A collection of four sweet short stories. Story 1, Flower Festival: Tae looks forward to spring, when the cherry blossoms bloom and she can play with the spirits of the trees. Story 2, Morning Glory Apartments: A girl realizes that sometimes all you can do to help someone is give them the space to help themselves. Story 3, Rainbow Song: A boy in a unique situation meets a girl from another world, and they look for the rainbow after the storm. Story 4, Corner Store Angel: An angel falls to Earth, and his punishment to get back to Heaven is to grant one person’s wish — without any special powers.

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Kalendel recommends: The author’s 2-volume school romance Tonari no Megane-kun is just wonderful. Heartwarming and full of feels. Check it out!

konbini1Story 1: released
Story 2: released
Story 3: released
Story 4: released
Manga complete!

Story 1 Sample:

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