Mayonaka no Ariadone

Mayonaka no Ariadone (真夜中のアリアドネ)
aka Mayonaka no Ariadne
by Shimotsuki Kayoko (霜月かよ子)
4 volumes (complete)

Genre: dark > shoujo > drama

Summary: Chiyoko enters high school and winds up in the same class as Chiharu, her old friend from grade school. That very same day, she follows Chiharu to return his umbrella, only to stumble upon an underground host club — complete with Chiharu dressed up in women’s clothing, acting as a hostess. What exactly is that menacing place, and why is Chiharu working there? And what exactly are the motives of Nogami, the host who stumbles on Chiyoko there and takes an interest in her…?

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Volume 1
released by StarryHeaven

Volume 2
released by StarryHeaven (c5-7) & Intercross (c8)

Volume 3
Chapters 9-11: released by Intercross
Chapter 12: released

Volume 4
Chapter 13: released
Chapter 14: released
Chapter 15: released

Series complete!

Chapter 1 Sample: (StarryHeaven release)

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