Haru to Bonkura

Haru to Bonkura (春と盆暗)
by Kumakura Kon (熊倉献)
1 volume collection of oneshots

Genre: lovely strange > seinen > weird romantic oneshots

Summary: A collection of four bizarre and awkward short stories highlighting what happens when weird guys meet even weirder girls. Story 1, The Lunar Surface & Eye Sockets: Gotou takes a job he doesn’t want because of the girl who works there, but then finds out she’s leaving. Can he make an impression on her before time’s up? Story 2, Flooded City & The Chuo Railway Line: Fuda works at a karaoke joint, and every night this girl comes in with a different guy and uses a different name. The thing is, the names she uses are actually the stops on the Chuo Line, and Fuda is a giant train geek. Story 3, The Cactus-tamer’s Apprentice: A high school boy discovers a wacky relative who he winds up turning to for advice about a problem at school. Story 4, The Wasteland of Sugar Fanatics: A man who can mentally fast-forward time is challenged to rewind it.

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Chapter 1: released
Chapter 2: released
Chapter 3: released
Chapter 4: released
Series complete!

Chapter 1 Sample:

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