Gin no Sankaku

Gin no Sankaku (銀の三角)
by Hagio Moto (萩尾望都)
1-volume series

Genre: strange > josei > vintage sci-fi/fantasy (LGBTQ)

Summary: Marlee, an agent of the advanced civilization Central on the planet Blue Ear, finds himself on a mission to track down the troubadour Lagthorin. His mission leads him to the planet Corundum, where he finds the elusive musician and subsequently dies. Back at Central, he is regenerated into a new clone, Marlee Two, who sets off once more, drawn back to Lagthorin and her song. And so the strings of fate guide Marlee forward, inescapably intertwined with both the events on the planet Corundum and, 30,000 years across time, with the long-extinct race of the planet Silver Triangle.

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Part 1, Chapters 1-6: released
Part 2, Chapters 1-6: released
Part 3, Chapters 1-7: released
Manga complete!

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