Chikyuu wa Boku ga Mawasu

Chikyuu wa Boku ga Mawasu (地球は僕が回す)
by Inoue Nawo (井上ナヲ)
1 volume series

Genre: strange dark > josei > psychological romance

Summary: Shuhei Kurata is stuck. Going to a new school where he doesn’t fit in, standing still as his old friends leave him behind. Watching silently as the woman he loves slips further and further away. He feels detached and out of place, as if maybe it all might be a dream. Perhaps it is…

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chikyuucoverChapter 1: released
Chapter 2: released
Chapter 3: released
Chapter 4: released
Chapter 5: released
Chapter 6: released
Chapter 7: released
Series complete!

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