Summer Laze

We’ve finally come full-circle back to one of my side projects! (What, I translate things? Never!) Inai Boku is something I knew I wanted to scanlate the second I read the summary, and it didn’t disappoint. This is a tale of loss and healing during a summer touched with wonder. For anyone who enjoyed Aoi Uroko, you should also enjoy this rather Ghibli-esque tale. Say hello to Takeru as he starts his journey one hot summer day.

Inai Boku wa Hotarumachi ni Iru v01 c01 [DL]

Huggles to Ximena for her excellent job making it look so pretty <3

Been a while since we’ve had a oneshot! This short brought to you by Kurenai and Zakkyliar. A sickly girl and the one who helps her through it… a sweet story. Also a little odd. Anyway! We plan to release another Nagabe oneshot this month, as well šŸ™‚

Daisy, Mata Ashita [DL]

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  1. TreePeony says:

    I was waiting for this. Thanks very much for Inai Boku!

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