Those Who Can’t See

OK! We’re going to have a full oneshot week, starting with a lovely Nagabe story. Another group beat us to the release, but we like our version, so make sure to check it out...



Today we have a lovely treat from kurenai and our wonderful new editor samara: a sweet Nagabe oneshot. I hope everyone enjoys! Also, some more UD. Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer v05 c42 [DL] …Discord is ridiculous,...


You’ve gotta eat.

Another Nagabe oneshot, compliments of Kurenai and Ximena. This one’s a bit creepier than the others… 🙂 And a new UD chapter! Hijoushoku to Gochisou [DL] Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer v04 c34 [DL]


Second Annual Halloween Treat

So! I’ve decided that Halloween really is an excellent excuse to do some vaguely spooky-ish oneshots. Huggles to Kurenai, Ximena, and Cpt. Mischief for all their work! strange > seinen > supernatural romance >...


A lovely Halloween.

If there was ever a holiday meant for LSD, it’s Halloween. That said, when we sat back to plan something special for today, most oneshots we had with Halloween tropes were rather lovely. And...


Summer Laze

We’ve finally come full-circle back to one of my side projects! (What, I translate things? Never!) Inai Boku is something I knew I wanted to scanlate the second I read the summary, and it...