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We’ve wrapped up our fundraising month! Thanks to everyone to contributed. I’ll be nabbing about 50% more books than usual in this import so we can do all the things <3

We’re running a fundraising campaign this month to import raws. Lately folks have been asking to do Potential Projects we don’t actually have raws for, so I’d like to nab as many as possible — since if we don’t have it, there’s no chance we can do it.

Click here for more info and a list of titles. You can pick which one you fund 🙂 Donate through Paypal. Thanks! <3

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  1. Olivia says:

    Is there a reason the fundraiser is only for a month? This seems like a nice thing you could keep up all year, so people can throw a bit of money toward their favourite title when they have the funds.

    • Kalendel says:

      Thanks for the thought! But paypal takes a set fee, so smaller donations are actually not ideal. Since I plan and just do a couple big imports a year, it makes sense to keep it short and focused on exactly what I’m wanting to grab.

      But I’m going to nab as many of them as possible. Baseline is like 12 books out of my own pocket, so the fundraiser is for above and beyond that.

      No worries if anyone can’t donate. We’ll keep on going regardless of the fundraiser 🙂 And there’s a good chance I’ll do another one of these in the future, the next time the list of “things I want to do” far exceeds my buying power =D

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