Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer

Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer (ウルトラバロック・デプログラマー) by Asada Torao (浅田寅ヲ) & Itou Seikou (いとうせいこう) 5 volume series Genre: strange > seinen > psychological sci-fi mystery Summary: Brainwashing is a thing. Contracted by large corporations, professional washers can...


Lost and Found

Today we have a blast from the past! Jiraishin: The Lost File is the pilot chapter for the series Jiraishin; it only ever appeared in the magazine, and was never published when the series...



First of all, I have to establish that I love gritty action seinen manga (without fanservice). Love them. That said, that particular genre is widely scanlated by a handful of other groups, leaving me...