Licensed Works

We typically do works that are highly unlikely to ever get licensed, but sometimes English manga companies surprise us. If you enjoyed any of the works we did which were later licensed, please support both the author and the English company by purchasing a copy.

Love on the Other Side by Nagabe
Published by Seven Seas
We did all the oneshots from this collection as they were published over the years. Seven Seas licensed the collection that was published in Japan in 2019. Contains: Daisy, Mata Ashita;  Ookami Ningen to Ningen Ookami; Hijoushoku to Gochisou; Mayonaka no Waltz; The White King (Shiro no Ou-sama); and Those Who Can’t See (Mienai Hito-tachi).
Ms. Itsuya by Sahara Mizu
Japanese title: Itsuya-san (夜さん)
Digital release by North Stars Pictures
Please support the author if you enjoyed our fan translation of the title!