Icy Tundra

The second storyline in this manga spans chapters 4-6. It’s a truly lovely, surreal drama about a boy searching for his father who comes across two men living in a world covered in ice....


Playing with Fire

Today we have a pair of Rosalind chapters where everything goes… well… about as well as you’d expect it to 😉 Saint Rosalind c06-7 [c06 DL | c07 DL] (joint Sunny Day Scans)


Waking Whale

We have another oneshot today! It is in fact another kinda twisted dark one compliments of Chane (she has a type, haha!) and seris. Enjoy! Waking Whale (うつつくじら) by MUSASHI Riku (武蔵理久) Genre: strange...



A quick update! More creepy/cute Rosalind, and a bit more lovely France. Enjoy! The Diver and the Jellyfish c02-03 [DL c02 | DL c03] Saint Rosalind c05 [DL] (joint Sunny Day Scans)



Today we have a creepy oneshot for fans of creepy stuff =D Huggles to Minn and CanINot for bringing this to us! Gotta love a little horror =D Message (メッセージ) by SABA Nanako (鯖ななこ) Genre:...


Sea Creatures

Two releases today! Another chapter of Right Beside You and the start of a new manga, The Diver and the Jellyfish. This manga is a somewhat surreal take on the boy’s love genre; it’s...


Happy Birthday

Hello! We have a cute story to finish off Planet Love 🙂 Hope you enjoy! And huggles again to Jel, Ximena, and yanbang for bringing us these cute stories. Planet Love c06 [Read] [DL]...


What Lives Within Your Eyes

Another cat oneshot =D This one is on the creepy side. Hugs to Minn & shielshi for bringing it to us~ What Lives Within Your Eyes (瞳の奥に棲む者は) by Shimousa Kunio (下総国生) Genre: strange > shoujo...



Hello everyone! We finally have a release =D Saint Rosalind c04 [Read] [DL] (joint Sunny Day Scans) I apologize for the long delay. There’s been a general lack of motivation for a lot of...


Little Birdy

We have another slightly disturbing chapter of Rosalind for everyone 🙂 Saint Rosalind c03 [Read] [DL] (joint Sunny Day Scans)