Been a while! I’ve been in a scanlation funk (without an end in sight) for a long time now, so please expect releases to remain sporadic. I’m “focused” on getting these completed projects released, since they have been done for literal months and months. Today we have the end of See the Forest, and our last chapter of Kishibe no Uta. Minn (who has been more than generous at dealing with my procrastination) will be continuing the series with QuicksandScans. Minn also released Twilight Market with QuicksandScans, and fans of niche dark fantasy should check it out 🙂

There should probably be more fanfare, but I’ll just give one last thanks to Minn, shielshi, Ximena, seaweed, and Cpt. Mischief for all their work on these series, and we hope you enjoyed them!

See the Forest c05-8 [Read] [DL] (manga complete!)
Kishibe no Uta v03 c09 [Read] [DL] (manga being continued at QuicksandScans!)

Next on the to-do list is releasing the rest of My House Ghost, and then Andou Yuki’s The Girl in a Faint, both of which have been completely done, waiting on me, for… 6 months now ;.;

Regarding Neko Mix: I know it’s been ages since we’ve released, and two years since v13 came out. But also, v14 isn’t out yet. Since it’s published so darn slowly, I have very little motivation to do it quickly. It’s the next thing I’m doing, whenever I have the motivation to scanlate.

And so… till next update (hopefully not 4 months away, but who knows!), stay safe and have fun!

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  1. Lyn Daniel says:

    Rah, Rah, Cheer, Cheer! Good to hear from you. Want to encourage you to continue. Your translations mean a lot to the readers. Please take good care of your health, too! Hope good fortune finds its way to your door this year!

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