Sea Creatures

Two releases today! Another chapter of Right Beside You and the start of a new manga, The Diver and the Jellyfish. This manga is a somewhat surreal take on the boy’s love genre; it’s extremely light on the romance and entirely chaste, with beautiful and haunting imagery. I recommend you give it a read even if you aren’t a BL fan, as it’s more a slice of life with gay characters than a “BL romance”. Enormous huggles to shielshi and Minn for bringing it to us and we hope you like!

The Diver and the Jellyfish c01 [DL]
Right Beside You c03 [DL]

Note: Mangadex is currently down and will likely be down for several weeks. All “Read Online” links are broken. We will upload the chapters for online reading once Mangadex comes back online.

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