Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! As this is the one holiday I feel actually fits LSD, we try to do something special for it. Today we’re kicking off three different manga that fit the season.

First we have My House Ghost, a collection of short stories. This is the title story, and yes, we do plan on doing all the rest of the stories in the volume (sorry it’s out of order!). A bittersweet ghost story. Huggles to kkokko for translating and yanbang for editing!

Next we have a blast from the past — who here was on the manga scene around Y2K and remembers how popular Mizuki Hakase was!? Mon appeared and tossed us scans for Right Beside You, and it’s just perfect for Halloween. I’m enjoying this one way more than I thought I would! Hugs to Mon and shielshi for editing.

And finally, a true vintage classic, Saint Rosalind. This creepily charming horror shoujo is a pioneer of the genre, taking on the “evil child” trope with gusto. This one is thanks to yanbang, who’s been pushing for us to do it and provided her lovely edits.

My House Ghost c06 [Read] [DL]
Right Beside You c01 [Read] [DL]
Saint Rosalind c01 [Read] [DL]

I’d also like to give a shout-out to hahhah42, who’s been wading through a good 200 pages of last minute chapters to QC! We should have a few more oneshots for you this week to round it all out. Enjoy and have some good candy! (And buy all the cheap candy tomorrow, fufufu.)

One final note! We’re also working on Ando Yuki’s Kontou Shoujo. More lovely Ando Yuki goodness <3

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  1. Heartfelt comic says:

    Happy Halloween 👻
    Also thanks for the batch of chapters.
    I wanted to say, since hana-chan is licensed by yen press, wouldn’t it be logical to remove from your future projects section in the site?

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