Gestation of Kalavinka

Happy Halloween, folks! yanbang reminded me, with plenty of time, that we like to do a big release, so we planned and planned. Oh, the plans. So many things. …Then Genshin Impact happened, and now we all just game all day 🙂

We do still have some things for you. Today’s oneshot is the most gore-filled of the lot, but we have some lighter things coming up tomorrow and through the week. stick around and enjoy! This one by the indie artist Setsu and edited by shielshi for us.

Gestation of Kalavinka (カラヴィンカの抱卵)
by Setsu (せつ)
Genre: strange dark > seinen > supernatural psychological horror (MATURE: gore)
Summary: After losing his wife, Dawei performs the sky burial ritual on her body in order to gain closure.
Get it: Download or Read Online

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