Heir to the Cabbage Patch

Our next oneshot! Hagio Moto is known for drama and sci-fi, but I was in the mood for something light, so I dug up one of her rare light-hearted works. Huggles to yanbang for the edits! Hope you enjoy.

 Heir to the Cabbage Patch (キャベツ畑の遺産相続人)
by Hagio Moto (萩尾望都)
Genre: lovely strange > josei > supernatural comedy romance
Summary: In a town where quite possibly no one is normal, a trio of sisters receive an odd inheritance: a penniless orphan. (Published 1973)
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  1. Eric Henwood-Greer says:

    I’ve always seen this title in lists of Hagio works, but it isn’t in any of the (many) manga vols I have–love it! Fun to see early Hagio in full comic mode.

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