Love/Hate Relationship

It’s actually a Valentine’s Day release! We happened to have two romantic oneshots, so, why not? A nuanced josei, and an absurd shoujo rom-com. Huggles to kure, shielshi, and Ximena for all their work. Something to enjoy tonight besides the chocolates 🙂

After the Message (メッセージのあと)
by Taniguchi Riyoka (谷口リヨ果)
Genre: lovely dark > josei >  psychological romance
star bright.
I wish my girlfriend would disappear.
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A Love Song for All (生物の愛の詩)
by Takami Nao (高見奈緒)
Genre: lovely strange > shoujo > romantic comedy
Summary: Back in grade school, a series of unfortunate events made Chiume accidentally catch sight of a classmate’s little ♂. Now in high school, her childhood trauma makes her weird-out whenever she talks to a guy. Especially her (still) classmate Ranta, the source of it all.
Get it: Download or Read Online

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