The Message in the Rain Shower

We take a break from our regular programming for a nice (very) little oneshot. This one by the indie author Nerunodiasuki, who specializes in surreal situations and cat people. It manages to get a lot of depth in so few pages, and we hope you enjoy! Huggles to yanbang for the edits~

The Message in the Rain Shower (にわか雨のてがみ)
by Nerunodaisuki (ネルノダイスキ)
Genre: strange > seinen > supernatural slice of life
Summary: After a bizarre rain shower, a friend proceeds to tell an even more bizarre story.
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  1. Benone says:

    Really great short oneshot. I kept this website in my bookmarks and I will visit again soon and take time to read another discovery. Thanks for all your translation works. Finally I can find interesting mangas!

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