Planting Seeds

Three releases today! We’re picking up Pandora, a collection of quirky romantic oneshots. Lots more naked time than you usually see here at LSD, but all with Nemu Youko’s lovely art. Huggles to Jel and Narumi for taking up the project!

We also have another chapter of royal mischief in Echo Valley and more sibling rivalry in Flowers.

Pandora c03 [DL] [Read]
A Tale of Royal Disturbance: Now He’s Gone from Echo Valley c04 [DL] [Read]
Flowers and Pints c05 [DL] [Read]

Also! We possibly have too many projects, but there are a couple more in the works 🙂
Nejimaki no Niwa (Kayase Shiki) (strange josei)
Niwa ni wa Ninin (Nakano Shizuka) (lovely strange seinen)

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  1. shielshi says:

    Spread the Nemu Youko love!! (^\\\^) Thank you very much for picking up another of her works (@.@) so pretty…

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