New Friends

This week I’ll highlight Reparations in Green, as we release the final — and most bizarre — story from it. Naturally, this is my favorite story in there. Huggles again to kure, IA, and Cpt. Mischief for bringing us this oneshot collection!

Also this week: girls be girls in Echo Valley; sibling rivalry in Flowers and Pints; elbow grease is applied in Raine; and the plot thickens in Yami no Moribito.

A Tale of Royal Disturbance: Now He’s Gone from Echo Valley c03 [DL] [Read]
Flowers and Pints c04 [DL] [Read]
Raine and Sunny’s Journey of Wind v01 c05 [DL] [Read]
Reparations in Green c06 [DL] [Read] (manga complete!)
Yami no Moribito v02 c09 [DL] [Read]

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