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We have another new project this week: Frau Trude – Grimm-Adjacent Tales. Each story in this volume is a take on one of the original Grimms’ tales, and they all trend toward the dark and bizarre. They’re all standalone, so feel free to read as we release. Huggles to Nutritious Milk and seris for editing! (And poor hahhah42, who’s been waiting on an editor to do Morohoshi works for years.)

Also this week: a long-delayed, utterly fantastic, 70pg Kishibe story; a wedding and a catastrophe in this week’s Reparations story; and a rather bizarre tale about a messenger in Letters.

Reparations in Green c05 [DL] [Read]
Kishibe no Uta v01 c03 [DL] [Read]
Frau Trude — Grimm-Adjacent Tales c01 [DL] [Read]
The Story of Letters c02 [DL] [Read]

…And yes, we have more 1-vol things in the works. New upcoming projects:
KanashiKanashiKa (Konno Kita) (lovely strange shoujo)
Little Ken and a Cat. (Sometimes a Duck) (Nekomaki) (lovely seinen)
Sono Saki no Fuukei (Fujiwara Kaoru) (strange dark josei)

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