Lost at Sea

So, our massive number of new little projects equals a massive number of releases. So much going on. Our highlight this week is The Story of Letters, a oneshot collection that’s lovely, sweet, and kinda bizarre. The first story in it is a romance with an aquatic fantasy twist… enjoy the read!

Also up for today: the royals enter the fray in Echo Valley; we get feels in Flowers and Pints; Sunny shines in Raine and Sunny; a boy is on the lookout for evil in this Reparations oneshot; and the bully pulpit is useful in Yami no Moribito.

A Tale of Royal Disturbance: Now He’s Gone from Echo Valley c02 [DL] [Read]
Flowers and Pints c03 [DL] [Read]
Raine and Sunny’s Journey of Wind v01 c04 [DL] [Read]
Reparations in Green c04 [DL] [Read]
The Story of Letters c01 [DL] [Read]
Yami no Moribito v02 c08 [DL] [Read]

Still recruiting editors! So many short projects to do <3

Also, some new potential projects. Things that look cool that I share with the world. No plans to do any of them (yet).

(Download Sample) Ai o Misero (Fushimi Ami)
“Show Me Love”
lovely > josei > 1-vol slice of life/drama
Publisher summary: Middle school student Nanami, who was abandoned by her father. Nagakawa, whose wife left him and took their son. Nagakawa’s son Kenta, who was abused by his mother’s boyfriend. These three injured souls meet in a shabby apartment building, and rusted gears begin to turn.
(Download Sample) Mugi no Wakusei (Torino Shino)
“Planet of the Wheat”
lovely > josei > 3-vol sci-fi slice of life
Publisher summary: Near his mountainside bakery, the young baker Konta meets Mamita, an alien whose spaceship crashed and is looking for food. Konta winds up taking the stranded alien in as his little brother. This is the diary of a baker and an alien as they live together as “siblings”.
(Download Sample) Cherof-san no Mahou Ningyou (Hoshikawa Chidori)
“Cherof’s Magical Doll”
strange > seinen > 3-vol wacky fantasy
Publisher summary: This is a slightly different world. Normal humans exist, but so do magics and monsters. The witch Cherof’s specialty is making magical medicines, to the extent that many people travel from far away to buy them. Cherof’s servant Lololojio is a time-worn doll. When she was little, Cherof wanted a friend, so she made the magical doll — and now that she’s all grown up, he spends his days serving her.
(Download Sample) Shiro ga Ite (Nishi Keiko)
“Shiro is Here”
lovely > josei > 1-vol slice of life
Summary: A family moves into a new home and finds the kitten Shiro. These are snippets of their lives as Shiro grows from a kitten to age 17 — and the young family grows up alongside him.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s a lot! Thank you very much!

  2. shielshi says:

    So many projects!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Congrats on starting more things (and probably quickly finishing them up!) (≧◡≦) The Pints one is still my favourite of the lot, but the plot is getting thicker in Yami, Summer is a real sweet heart, water themes are always welcomed in the newest title and we got a cat project in the potentials! (among many other things that I’m yet to read!) (●´ω`●)

  3. anon says:

    Thanks for the Echo Valley!

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