Two Guys in a Garden

“Two Guys in a Garden”
Niwa ni wa Ninin
by Nakano Shizuka (中野シズカ)
1-volume collection of oneshots

Genre: lovely strange > seinen > psychological fantasy drama mystery

Summary: A collection of surreal oneshots with a garden theme. Story 1, Mansion Aquarium: A sick boy finds himself in an usual situation. Story 2, Eureka Garden: A girl with a wild imagination is enchanted by a garden. Story 3, The Garden of Me: A young wife copes with a troubled marriage. Story 4, Two Guys in a Garden: A student gets way more than he bargained for when he visits his professor’s house. Story 5, A Gardener’s Day Off: A man has a peculiar encounter on his day off from work.

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Story 1: released
Story 2: released
Story 3: released
Story 4: released
Story 5: released
Manga complete!

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