The Shaft of Light in the Blue

“The Shaft of Light in the Blue”
Ao ni Koubou
by Kawabata Shiki (川端志季)
1 volume oneshot collection

Genre: lovely > shoujo > drama romance

Summary: A collection of stories about finding meaning in life and your place in this world. Story 1, “The Shaft of Light in the Blue”: A teacher indifferent to his job finds a baby swallow and raises it with one of his students. Story 2, “If the Rain Should Stop”: She only sees him in the rain when he goes to meet with his girlfriend. Story 3, “Specimens of 17-Year-Olds”: Confused by social mores, she fakes her way through life. So how does he read her so well? Story 4, “Blooming Marble”: A carefree girl helps a younger boy get through a rough patch. All in good fun, right?

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Story 1: released
Story 2: released
Story 3: released
Story 4: released
Manga complete!

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