I slacked a bit this week, so the scheduled series releases are all bumped in favor of a pair of quite lovely oneshots. The Straw Hat and the Carp is a shoujo with feels, the author’s debut, with a serious Midorikawa Yuki vibe. Song of Heaven and Earth is a somewhat surreal seinen by the talented Ishii Asuka — check out Hisakata no Oto while you’re at it. Both of these were translated by kurenai, with Cpt. Mischief and IA editing one each. Hope you enjoy!

And for the Americans out there — have a nice short week and stressful family holiday.

The Straw Hat and the Carp (麦わら帽子とこい)
by Kojou Mangetsu (湖上満月)
Genre: lovely dark > shoujo > drama
Summary: A god, tired of this world. A little girl, lively but sickly. The summer they cross paths.
Get it: Download or Read Online
Song of Heaven and Earth (あめつちのうた)
by Ishii Asuka (石井明日香)
Genre: lovely strange > seinen > drama
Summary: A tale of two siblings—one unconventional, the other harboring a great secret.
Get it: Download or Read Online

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