So, I dunno about you guys, but I’m pretty much dead on Fridays. Let’s have some cats, eh? Nyatta is a surprisingly deep story about a woman searching for her lost cat, while Every Day is a humorous bit meant just for cat owners. You can blame amtt and Kat for these two short oneshots, ehehe.

Also — for anyone wondering, there is no Neko Mix this month. It got sidelined so I could put the new blog together and well… put everything else together for last month, haha. But!! We’re hoping to release two Neko Mix chapters next month. Till then… have these cats instead!

Every Day is a Cat Day (日々是猫日)
by Hatsu Akiko (波津彬子)
Genre: lovely > josei > SOL comedy
Summary: A cat owner laments and appreciates her cat.
Get it: Download or Read Online
Nyatta Tomorrow (明日のニャータ)
by Nishi Keiko (西炯子)
Genre: lovely > josei > SOL drama
Summary: A woman searches for her lost cat.
Get it: Download or Read Online

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  1. bronakopdin says:

    hey there!
    I was just wondering if I’m the only one but ever since the blog switched to the new site and I follow it I receive double emails of all the new posts… is there any way to fix this?

    • Kalendel says:

      Huh, you’re the first to mention it. When I migrated everyone to the new blog, something weird could have happened. I recommend unsubscribing, waiting an hour, and resubscribing. I checked the internal list, and your email is only listed once, so there’s nothing I can do from my end.

  2. cats says:

    Thank you so much for the two oneshots!!

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