Today we have a lovely treat from kurenai and our wonderful new editor samara: a sweet Nagabe oneshot. I hope everyone enjoys! Also, some more UD.

Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer v05 c42 [DL]

…Discord is ridiculous, we suddenly have like a million new possible projects. It’s an endless loop <3

The_White_King_001 The White King (しろのおうさま)
by Nagabe (ながべ)
Genre: LSD > shoujo > fantasy drama romance
Summary: An albino boy and a white lion form a unique bond.
Get it: Download or Read Online


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mediafire links for chapter 21 and 36 seem to be down.

  2. Kalendel says:

    I… did not know that could happen. I deleted them and re-upped, and it’s the same thing. Give it 24 hrs and try again.

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