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Today we have a treat: a 120pg strange/dark sci-fi oneshot. “The Watchman” is a something of a mystery that evolves and unfolds as you read it. It’s a little raw, a little dark, and a little weird, so it fits right in here. This is the only mainstream work by the author Takeuchi Teiji, so I hope everyone enjoys. Thanks to our new editor EnKi for taking on the challenge — he’ll be focusing on strange stuff, so we might see an uptick in stuff like this here 🙂

The Watchman [DL]
Majo to Neko no Hanashi c03 [DL] <– also, this <3

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Kanshiin_012The Watchman (監視員)
by Takeuchi Teiji (竹内ていじ)
Genre: strange dark > seinen > sci-fi mystery psychological drama
Summary: It began with first contact. In a dystopian world, a silent “watchman” follows and evaluates a gifted young woman.
Get it: Download or Read Online

3 Responses

  1. Xi Jie says:

    Thank you very much! Majo to Neko is such a cute read ♥

  2. Zeke says:

    This was really something. Felt like a Ray Bradbury or Arthur C. Clarke story. You say this is the author’s only “mainstream” work; do you know anything non-mainstream he’s done?

    • Kalendel says:

      Glad you liked! Googling his name gets you nothing else, but he talks about other works in the commentary. It’s possible he did other works under a pseudonym, or has self-published works not listed online… either way, nothing I can find, unfortunately.

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