Today we have a break from all the cats with a strange dark oneshot, Sake to Sakana. This is the first reader’s pick we ran, and it beat out a wacky alien bug comedy to win. It’s a fairly creepy mystery/horror about two university friends and a particular “problem” one of them is having. I believe this is the only published work by the author, Matsutanaka Daichi. Huggles to Cpt. Mischief for going along with the reader’s pick idea and editing <3

And we’re on track to release an extra special strange dark oneshot next week… make sure to tune back in for that!

Sake to Sakana [DL]

A reminder that we’re running a fundraiser this month to nab a large variety of raws — things that have to be imported or there’s no chance we can do them. So far we’ve raised enough to buy around 6 extra volumes in our next import 🙂

Sake_to_Sakana_002Sake to Sakana (酒と魚)
by Matsutanaka Daichi (松田中大地)
Genre: strange dark > seinen > supernatural mystery horror
Summary: Fumi and Haru are two university friends with a shared passion for the swim team, until Fumi’s “unique” heritage complicates matters.
Get it: Download or Read Online


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