Toumei Ningen no Koi

Toumei Ningen no Koi (透明人間の恋)
by Andou Yuki (安藤ゆき)
1 volume

Genre: lovely > shoujo > romance oneshots

Summary: A collection of short stories. The title story, “Invisible Girl in Love”, revolves around a socially awkward girl who’s kept to herself for so long that she may as well be invisible to her classmates. Then, one day, she falls in love. Note: Three of these stories were released as they appeared in magazines, well before they were collected and published in this volume.

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Chapter 1, The Restaurant of Many Orders: released by Delish scans
Chapter 2, Invisible Girl in Love: released
Chapter 3, Matryoshka: released by In.Difference
Chapter 4, The Selfish Couple: released
Chapter 5, Drops: released by Storm in Heaven

Series complete!

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Toumei Ningen no Koi
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