Sayonara Watashitachi

Sayonara Watashitachi (さよなら私たち)
by Ayuko (香魚子)
1 volume collection of oneshots

Genre: lovely dark > shoujo > romantic oneshots

Summary: A collection of oneshots. Story 1, Before Crossing Time: In a world where time travel exists, a girl contemplates confessing her feelings. Story 2, Little Brother: A bomb threat leads a girl to learn more about the guy she likes. Story 3, Heartbreak Diner: Five girls wind up at a diner, all with one guy in common. Story 4, Us, You and Me: A pair of high school friends start working together on a manga, only to grow apart. Story 5, Good-bye, My Life: A pair of newly-deceased girls find themselves bound together in the afterlife; in order to be separated, they must first remember how they died.

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Chapter 1: released by Dragon Voice Project
Chapter 2: released
Chapter 3: released
Chapter 4: released
Chapter 5: released by Sumie
Manga complete!

Story 2 Sample:

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