Sakamichi no Apollon oneshots

Sakamichi no Apollon oneshots (坂道のアポロン)
by Kodama Yuki (小玉ユキ)
6 oneshots

Genre: lovely strange > josei > slice of life/romantic supernatural oneshots

Summary: Kodama Yuki included short, standalone oneshots at the end of Sakamichi no Apollon volumes 1-6. These stories have no connection to the main story. Volume 2, Interchange: After his death, a girl remembers a guy she used to date. Volume 3, Bug Concerto: A girl gets a rather peculiar bug stuck inside her ear. Volume 4, Elevator Child: An elevator clerk meets an impossible guest. Volume 5, Ceiling Girl: A young man finds out that the noises coming up from his floor are not what he expected. Volume 6, The Night Watchman: A patrolman meets someone unexpected on his rounds.

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Volume 1 Extra (Taneo): released by Stiletto Heels
Volume 2 Extra (Interchange): released
Volume 3 Extra (Bug Concerto): released
Volume 4 Extra (Elevator Child): released
Volume 5 Extra (Ceiling Girl): released
Volume 6 Extra (The Night Watchman): released
All oneshots released.

Volume 2 Extra Sample:

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