Ratakia no Majo

Ratakia no Majo (ラタキアの魔女)
by Kasabe Tetsu (笠辺哲)
1-volume oneshot collection

Genre: strange > seinen > wacky fantasy/sci-fi oneshots

Summary: A collection of seven humorous oneshots covering a wide range of themes. Story 1, A Lad’s Christmas: A jaded Santa has to get through a particularly rough Christmas. Story 2, Travel Writer: A young couple on their first trip break rule number one: Never leave the tourist route. Story 4, Space War: A young platoon captain fighting on a distant planet has to keep her troops together in the face of unexpected alien developments. Story 5, Slavakia: A lonely woman meets someone new on a desert planet. Story 6, Greedy City and Konjac Rock: A backpacking kid comes across an easy way to get money. Story 7, Latakia the Witch: A boy winds up as a helper to a “witch”.

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Support It: Purchase the original Japanese book (no ebook available).

Story 1, A Lad’s Christmas: released
Story 2, Travel Writer: released
Story 3, TUDM: released by Kotonoha
Story 4, Space War: released
Story 5, Slavakia: released
Story 6, Greedy City and Konjac Rock: released
Story 7, Latakia the Witch: released
Manga complete!

Story 1 Sample:

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