Ningyo no Ouji-sama

Ningyo no Ouji-sama (人魚の王子さま)
by Kazumi Yuana (和深ゆあな)
4 volume series

Genre: fun! > seinen > absurd fantastical romantic comedy

Summary: Koganei Manato, 30 years old, unemployed. After yet another failed job application, he stumbles upon a real-life mermaid! Chasing the dream of riches, he goes to get a picture of her, but instead winds up bargaining away a year of his life to a goddess to save her. The goddess also grants the mermaid’s wish and turns her into a human… emphasis on man. What’s Manato going to do now that his beautiful mermaid has been transformed into a man!?

This manga requires a dedicated editor (or typesetter) to get started. You can visit our editing guide/test for more info on volunteering.

Get it: Pending release.

Support It: Purchase the original Japanese book or ebook.

ningyo1Volume 1
Chapters 1-5: scanned

ningyo2Volume 2
Chapters 6-11: pending

ningyo3Volume 3
Chapters 12-17: pending

ningyo4Volume 4
Chapters 18-23: pending

Chapter 1 Sample: (pending release)

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