Merikuron no Namida

Merikuron no Namida (メリクロンの涙)
by Kazumi Yuana (和深ゆあな)
2 volumes (complete)

Genre: lovely dark > shoujo > sci-fi romance

Summary: What circumstances might drive someone to create a clone that copies even their memories? A replacement so perfect that even the clone won’t realize he’s a clone? Nanako once took Louie up on his offer and had him create the perfect replica of herself; now she stays at his side, witness to the mericlones that he creates. Beyond the stories of the individuals he “saves”, who exactly is this man playing god, and why does he do it?

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Kalendel recommends: This is actually my least favorite of her works. Check out her first work Sorayume no Uta. Also, many of her works have been published in English and are all excellent: Flower of the Deep Sleep, Million Tears, and Haru Hana.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: released
Chapter 2: released
Chapter 3: released
Chapter 4: released
Chapter 5: released

Volume 2
Chapter 6: released
Chapter 7: released
Chapter 8: released
Chapter 9: released
Chapter 10: released

Series complete!

Chapter 1 Sample:

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