Itsuya-san (夜さん)
by Sahara Mizu (佐原ミズ)
2 volume series

Genre: lovely dark > seinen > slice of life supernatural

Summary: Toki’s had it rough. His parents are out of the picture, and he’s ready to give up his education in order to get a job and take care of his sick grandma. When his school intervenes to help him out, he winds up living with the quirky substitute art teacher Itsuya and a mysterious girl named Kon. Itsuya also happens to have a little magic, and she uses it to help out those who cross her path — including the young pair boarding with her.

This manga has been licensed and will be released in English! As such, we have removed all our downloads and ask that everyone cease distribution. If you enjoyed our fan translation of it, please support the author by purchasing it when it comes out. See our licensed manga page.

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