Inai Boku wa Hotarumachi ni Iru

Inai Boku wa Hotarumachi ni Iru (いないボクは蛍町にいる)
by Tanaka Miho (タナカミホ)
2 volume series

Genre: lovely dark > josei > slice of life fantasy

Summary: Despondent over the death of his best friend Takuya, Takeru wishes on a shooting star to meet his friend just one more time. A glimmer of light leads him to an ancient tree stump with a giant hole in it, a hole that impossibly leads to an entire city. It’s the same city as his, the same people and places, but with two key differences: Takuya is still alive there, and Takeru isn’t.

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Volume 1
Chapter 1: released
Chapter 2: released
Chapter 3: released
Chapter 4: released
Chapter 5: released

Volume 2
Chapter 6: released
Chapter 7: released
Chapter 8: released
Chapter 9: released
Chapter 10: released
Series complete!

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  1. dizzy says:

    It’s a real gem…

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