Hana Bolo

Hana Bolo (花ボーロ)
by Iwaoka Hisae (岩岡ヒサエ)
1 volume series

Genre: lovely strange > seinen > slice of life oneshots

Summary: A series of ten interconnected short stories, each focusing on a different student or teacher in the town. The stories of nostalgia and growing pains touch the heart as each individual confronts and overcomes their own small obstacle.

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Kalendel recommends: If you liked this, check out her work Yume no Soko. It’s a personal favorite.

hanaboloChapter 1: released by Kotonoha
Chapter 2: released by Kotonoha
Chapter 3: released
Chapter 4: released
Chapter 5: released
Chapter 6: released
Chapter 7: released
Chapter 8: released
Chapter 9: released
Chapter 10: released

Series complete!

Chapter 3 Sample:

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