Gunjou Gakusha

Gunjou Gakusha (群青学舎)
by Irie Aki (入江亜季)
4-volume series

Genre: lovely > seinen > slice of life/romance

Summary: A collection of independent, diverse stories. Quiet landscapes, chance meetings, cafe romances, and even medieval drama lie waiting in stories than range from lovely to odd to bittersweet. This story collection has a little bit of almost everything.

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Volume 1
released by Futari wa Pretty Anon
Chapter 1 (Window to the Spirit World)
Chapter 2 (The Trapped Princess)
Chapter 3 (Teacher, I…)
Chapter 4 (The Flower and the Knights)
Chapter 5 (Pink Chocolate 1)
Chapter 6 (In the Forest)
Chapter 7 (White Fire 1)
Chapter 8 (White Fire 2)
Chapter 9 (White Fire 3)
Chapter 10 (Albertina)

Volume 2
released by Futari wa Pretty Anon
Chapter 11 (Ninon’s Crush)
Chapter 12 (The Clock Chime)
Chapter 13 (The Ten Swords of the North 1)
Chapter 14 (The Ten Swords of the North 2)
Chapter 15 (The Ten Swords of the North 3)
Chapter 16 (The Ten Swords of the North 4)
Chapter 17 (The Ten Swords of the North 5)
Chapter 18 (His Music)
released by Lovely Strange Dark
Chapter 19 (Pink Chocolate 2): released

Volume 3
Chapter 20 (Red-Roofed House): released
Chapter 21 (Pink Chocolate 3): released
Chapter 22 (Twilight 1): released
Chapter 23 (Twilight 2): released
Chapter 24 (Merry Garden): released
Chapter 25 (Oenothera Princess 1): released
Chapter 26 (Oenothera Princess 2): released
Chapter 27 (Oenothera Princess 3): released
Chapter 28 (Snowfall Night): released

Volume 4
Chapter 29 (Over the Bridge 1): released
Chapter 30 (Over the Bridge 2): released
Chapter 31 (Rainbow Picnic): released
Chapter 32 (Rainbow Familiar): released
Chapter 33 (Rainbow Tomorrow): released
Chapter 34 (Spy and Spy): released
Chapter 35 (Pink Chocolate 4): released
Chapter 36 (Pink Chocolate 5): released
Chapter 37 (Old Elm): released
Chapter 38 (Farewell to Ultramarine Schooldays): released
Series complete!

Chapter 20 Sample:

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